UCL Tennis App
A booking web-app created during the coronavirus pandemic to minimise transmission.
November 2020
Socket.io Rooms Package
NPM package that adds single-server multi-room functionality to existing io() instances.
October 2020
Web-based Terminal Emulator
Functional terminal emulator written in react. Features a filesystem, context switching and a CLI implementation of Liar's Dice.
October 2020
Dice Game
CLI implementation of Liar's Dice.
October 2020
Stock trading bot with time series forecasting
My explorations into predicting stock prices and creating a profitable trading bot.
October 2019
The neuro evolution agario bot - NEAB
A bot trained to play the browser game agario taught using self play and reinforcement learning.
July 2019
Automated property searching algorithm
A collection of scripts that scrape the web for properties and automatically filters them based on a set of user-specified criteria.
June 2019
Hand-drawn digit classifier
My first machine learning project, the hello world of image classification.
June 2019
A web game built using react and p5.js
January 2019