Hi, my name is
Yacoub Ahmed
I'm a fourth year CS Masters Student at UCL. I enjoy making parallelised and automated backend services with a focus on efficiency and robustness, as well as creating deep learning models.
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About Me

I've always been interested in computers and have spent the past five years learning as much as I can about how they work, as well as figuring out how I can create new technologies of my own. I created this website to serve as a platform for me to share my ideas and projects with the world in a creative and engaging way.
I love creating visualisations for algorithms as well as large-scale simulations. I've also developed games in the past and learned a lot about working in a team from game jams and hackathons. Lately I've been fascinated by machine learning, especially multi-agent reinforcement learning problems (something I'm tackling in the agario project).
I'm eager to continue learning and developing my programming skills further. I plan to find out more about blockchain, AI/ML (especially reinforcement learning), image processing and security for the next year.


  • Javascript / NodeJS backend automated services.
  • Web server hosting, cloud computing.
  • Full stack web apps.


  • Multi agent reinforcement learning.
  • Time series forecasting.
  • Realtime object classification, localisation and position estimation.


  • Open sourced projects on GitHub.
  • Blog posts here and on Medium documenting projects.