UCL Tennis Booking Web-App

Front-end of COVID-19 tennis booking system concept project
I teamed up with @hirurana to help polish and deploy a booking web-app made for UCL tennis society. The application uses GraphQL query language to provide the backend API, and React for the frontend. Deployment is similar to this website, hosted on an Ubuntu server provided by Digitalocean. I worked on some of the backend systems, like sign up links, cleaned up the GQL frontend logic and implemented the timetable and create session UI.
The society now use this app to manage all of their bookings, as a replacement for the public Google Sheets signup forms they originally used. The app limits the number of bookings individuals can make to allow everyone in the society to have a fair chance to play each week.
We are currently working on an algorithm to further restrict bookings made by individuals to prevent the spread of coronavirus - i.e. if a group of 6 people played on court 1 for the first session, the app will attempt to keep them grouped for the following sessions on that day to prevet cross-exposure.